Gene Sachs

BETHESDA, MD—Cresa has opened an office in London and is preparing to open one in Hong Kong as well. The move will benefit the firm’s Washington DC clients, says Gene Sachs, a managing principal with the company. Now it will be able to provide conflict-free services for its clients in the Washington DC market, such as BAE Systems, that have requirements overseas.

“In a truly globalized world, this opens the doors for our numerous clients who do business abroad,” Sachs says. Cresa notes that there is a growing demand among corporations, government agencies, and non-profits for tenant-only services due to possible conflicts of interest when a commercial real estate services firm represents both tenants and the landlords they are negotiating with for space.

At the same time Cresa’s reach overseas has been expanding. Last year, Cresa completed more than 100 assignments in some 25 countries outside North America.