WARREN, NJ—Anthony Sartor, chairman and CEO of locally based engineering firm PS&S, has announced he is stepping down after 15 years as a commissioner with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.

Sartor notified the Port Authority of his intent to resign in a letter on Monday, according to NJBiz. Sartor’s most recent term as commissioner and member of the authority’s board ended almost 10 months ago. He has served under six New Jersey governors, initially being nominated as a Port Authority Commissioner by Gov. Christine Whitman in 1999.

“Having continued to serve through the New Jersey 2013 gubernatorial election, I wanted to retire as soon thereafter as practicable,” Sartor wrote in his resignation. “Timing for such things is never perfect for all concerned. But for one of the first times in my public life, I have allowed my personal and family priorities to prevail.”

Sartor has been deeply involved in the redevelopment of the World Trade Center, utilizing his decades of construction and engineering expertise in the effort.

“Participating in the leadership of the Trade Center site development has allowed me to contribute to the national interest, given me a sense of personal pride and was a daily reminder to me of the sorrow occasioned by the loss of more than 3,000 innocent lives on 9/11,” Sartor wrote in his letter. See story at NJBiz.