Multifamily properties are still an industry darling.

JACKSONVILLE, FL—Multifamily is still the darling of commercial real estate, but the capital markets are shifting. With a view toward navigating the evolving landscape, a multifamily industry veteran has launched Lloyd Jones Capital to leverage targeted investments in Florida and Texas on behalf of a growing roster of institutional partners, private investors and internal capital.

Christopher Finlay, founder of Finlay Management, a multifamily property management firm in Jacksonville, FL, is spearheading the new venture. James Eddings, a seasoned professional who has held CFO titles for several multifamily leaders, has signed on as managing director of the new firm.

“Lloyd Jones Capital is carving out a niche in commercial real estate investing,” Finlay, CEO of Lloyd and chairman and CEO of Finlay, tells “We plan to do what we know best—invest in high-potential multifamily real estate. As a highly-focused, highly-selective real estate investment and asset management firm that specializes in the multifamily sector, we’ll identify, acquire and improve real estate in growth markets in Texas and Florida. We always invest our own money in acquisitions we sponsor. That shared risk makes us responsible stewards of our clients’ money.”

Over the past 15 years, Finlay has developed about 40 multifamily communities. During that time, he also expanded Finlay to manage a growing multifamily portfolio in Florida, Texas, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

A CPA and CMA, Eddings previously held CFO positions at companies in the multifamily real estate development, construction, entertainment, cable, television, broadcast radio, and mobile telecommunications industries.

“We’re focusing our acquisition strategy on Texas and Florida for several reasons. For starters, these states have the most business-friendly climates in the nation, the highest population growth, and the highest employment growth—all ingredients for successful commercial real estate investment. Plus, we have in-depth knowledge of multifamily markets in these states through our sister company Finlay Management,” says Eddings.

“Finlay has seen significant success in both Texas and Florida, managing about 2,5000 units in those states. Our institutional quality financial reporting, market analysis, capital expense management, expense control and revenue enhancement strategies will help drive the success of Lloyd Jones Capital’s acquisitions.”