Cyclical trends will undoubtedly reverse, but possible secular trends could have longer term impacts, says Gallinaro.

IRVINE, CA—“Cyclical trends will undoubtedly reverse, but possible secular trends—fewer feet per employee, emerging preferences in space design, internet competition for retailers, etc.—could have longer term impacts.” So says Danielle Gallinaro, director of strategic planning and analysis at the Irvine Co.

“From a macro perspective, faster flows of information, increased visibility, and big data will have a meaningful impact to the efficiency of the market,” says the recently chosen Real Estate Forum‘s “Tomorrow’s Leaders” of Southern California.

Gallinaro, who has been in the business for nine years, moved from Chicago to Southern California four years ago after completion of her MBA “for the opportunity to work with a highly regarded company and talented team, in a region with a dynamic real estate market and strong network of young professionals.”

When asked about rising to the top, Gallinaro says that continuous learning, demonstrated leadership, and a strong network are the three attributes that will contribute to success in Southern California’s commercial real estate market.  

Be sure to check out the June issue of Real Estate Forum for more on what made this nominee stand out and more on her rise to the top.