SAN FRANCISCO—According to the recent 2014 JLL Global Life Sciences Cluster Report, which analysed top US life sciences clusters, and ranks the cities for their prominence in the industry the San Francisco Bay Area moved ahead of San Diego as the second most active life science cluster in the country after Boston.

The region includes major clusters in the East Bay, San Francisco and the Peninsula. According to JLL, global shifts in the life sciences landscape, including a spate of major mergers and acquisitions, may be rewriting the global map, but US cities continue to lead the world in biopharmaceutical resources and enterprises. Access to talent and research is keeping cities like San Francisco at the top of the list.

“The right-sizing and reshuffling of the global biopharmaceutical sector has left its mark on key U. cities,” says Roger Humphrey, executive managing director of JLL’s Life Sciences group. “The strongest US clusters have retained their competitive advantages, and continue to thrive as top centers of talent and innovation.”

Although San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area reported higher year-over-year employment growth, Boston’s ability to attract venture capital and US National Institutes of Health funding secures its position as the top life sciences cluster in the world. All three cities are expected to lead the US’ life sciences industry in the coming years because of the critical mass of start-ups and mid-tier companies, leading research institutions, access to private and public funding, and local leaders focused on growing their life sciences industries, says the firm. “Across the board, small and mid-size companies are driving most facility development and leasing transactions.”