u201cNew developments must embrace the beauty of the region and the cultures of the people who live here,u201d says Ross.

LOS ANGELES—“Transit oriented mixed-useproperty development truly is the beginning of something much bigger here in Los Angeles and in the surrounding Southern California region. If people can live, work, and play without getting in their cars, this becomes a much more inhabitable city.”

That is according to Bradley Ross, an associate in the L.A. office of Karlin Real Estate, and recently chosen Real Estate Forum‘s “Tomorrow’s Leaders” of Southern California. According to Ross, “Although it is happening slowly, the tide is moving in the correct direction with transit oriented developments and new rail lines.”

Furthermore, he believes that developers are now more than ever building product that caters to the lifestyle of its residents and not just maximizing rentable square footage. “By making apartments, homes, and commercial spaces more appealing, they are increasing the long term viability and functionality of real estate that is built for the user and not simply for maximum efficiency.”

In the far future, Ross says that Southern California will continue to try to adapt to the endless flow of new residents moving into the market. “While the baby boomer generation is getting older, there will always be demand to live in this region and the area’s infrastructure will have to be updated to continue to retain capacity for everybody here.”

According to the Ross, who is primarily responsible for sourcing and underwriting debt and equity capital placement opportunities for Karlin Real Estate, is refering to “dense infill residential development in areas such as downtown Los Angeles, new housing developments in commuter locations such as Palmdale and the Inland Empire, and adaptable office and retail space that can meet the demands of rapidly changing markets.”

Perhaps most importantly given all of these forces at work, he adds, “it is essential that we preserve the integrity of our cities and our environment with careful urban planning, zoning, and preservation. New developments must embrace the beauty of the region and the cultures of the people who live here.”

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