Continuing its Workplace360 initiative, CBRE's office in Ontario is a 100% free address and paperless environment designed to support a mobile workforce.

ONTARIO, CA—CBRE has unveiled a new office in Ontario as part of its global Workplace360 initiative. The “free address” office incorporates leading-edge workspaces designed to support the way employees work today and in the future through enhanced flexibility, mobility, technology, wellness and productivity. The Ontario office is among more than two dozen CBRE offices globally that will transition to a Workplace360 model in 2014.

 On June 30, CBRE opened its new 15,000 square foot office in Ontario, at 4141 Inland Empire Blvd.  The office is a 100% free-address and paperless environment with no assigned workstations. 

The employees of CBRE in Ontario moved to a swing space location on the same street in September of 2013 while renovations were completed. The 21,300 square foot traditional office was reduced by 40% to 15,000 square feet, however, with the new floorplan the capacity of employees has increased by 30%.

 “Our new collaborative work environment is generating excitement in the market. This is the first office in the Inland Empire, across any industry, to go to a free-address environment,” said Joe Cesta, managing director for the Inland Empire Region. “I believe that the combination of the new design and our company’s dynamic platform will better support our daily business interactions as well as help attract top talent in the future.”

Based in part on research that shows that office workers spend approximately 50 percent of their time working with others and the other half spent working alone, CBRE’s “Workplace360” initiative provides a flexible way of working and a system of places, technologies, and protocols that allow for choice based on an employee’s changing needs and preferences throughout the day.

“CBRE is taking a bold step in creating a more efficient space, while also providing many different ways of working within the space for employees to choose from,” said Emily Neff, who managed the implementation of these projects for CBRE’s Workplace Strategy team.

The Ontario office offers a variety of work settings – a balance of both collaborative and private spaces including collaboration rooms, sit/stand desks, and offices for a day as well as focus rooms for when privacy is required. Enhanced technology that supports this mobile way of working is a core element of these offices. Private and collaborative spaces can be reserved through Outlook, while “plug and play” work stations are equipped with dual monitors and “follow me” phones.  In addition, the paperless office allows employees to access their files digitally from anywhere, print from any printer with “follow me” printing, and promotes a greener environment. 

CBRE’s Workplace Strategy team led the implementation of the new space, along with a team that includes designer Gensler and CBRE’s in-house project management team, which oversaw the construction process. The contractor for the office was Turelk, Inc.