RealCrowd's investor base is growing in size, activity and commitment to the platform, transacting an average of three investments per year, says CMO Rosario.

PALO ALTO, CA—Locally based RealCrowd bolsters its team with seasoned investment sales professional Brandon Banks, who has joined the commercial real estate platform as vice president of real estate and institutional sales. Banks, who has served as partner on Palmer Capital‘s high performance investment sales team, will be responsible for managing RealCrowd’s relationships with private and institutional real estate operators, with specific focus on familiarizing them with the platform.

Banks is being handed the task of developing operators’ understanding of how RealCrowd’s technology enables them to more efficiently raise funds, automate management tasks and connect with an active network of high net worth investors. “RealCrowd’s platform represents a new way of doing things in the industry. Interest in the technology is rising fast, but many successful operators remain unfamiliar with how it works. Communicating the platform’s advantages is an important duty, and we’re grateful to have Brandon Banks on board to carry it out,” says CEO Adam Hooper, who will be a panelist at the upcoming RealShare Bay Area conference in San Francisco.

RealCrowd CMO Roman Rosario and Banks have known each other professionally as former sales team partners at Palmer Capital. When it came time to install a dedicated lead to cultivating relationships with CRE operators, Rosario says Banks was a perfect fit. “Banks is a perfect fit as a liaison for our team. He understands the needs of operators, what we do, our values and exactly what we bring to the industry.”

Banks brings nearly a decade of experience, $2 billion in value of aggregate listings, averaging more than $10 million per transaction, and a diverse expertise in office, industrial and retail. He says that taking the position is an exciting opportunity to be at forefront of advancing the world of commercial real estate.

“RealCrowd is transforming how operators fund deals and access investors. Less time and money on administration, more time for acquiring optimizing properties—it’s an outstanding situation for industry professionals,” Banks says. “I’m thrilled to be the one charged with getting the message out.”

And in other RealCrowd news, has learned that the company has reached a milestone and has provided investors access to over $400 million in deals through its platform. Since launching at the end of 2013, RealCrowd members have invested $15 million of equity funding, establishing a thriving marketplace for leading operators in the industry to connect with an active network of highnet worth investors.

CEO Hooper says the continual rise in funding and deal flow confirms the platform’s benefits for commercial real estate operators. “Our tools are built from the ground up to reduce the disproportionate costs traditionally tied to investor and transaction management.”

Its technology stack is aimed at high quality real estate operators seeking to advertise offerings, grow investor networks efficiently, and scale their businesses without increasing overhead, Hooper says. Arvind Chary, operator with Atlas Real Estate Partners, says, “RealCrowd allows us to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what we do best: finding and operating profitable deals. RealCrowd ultimately allows us to focus on high value activities.”

RealCrowd’s investor base is growing in size, activity and commitment to the platform, transacting an average of three investments per year, adds CMO Rosario.