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HALL Structured Finance

HALL Structured Finance (HSF) provides gap and bridge financing to other entrepreneurial real estate owners and developers for new construction, renovations or repositioning of various commercial real estate projects. HSF pursues opportunistic projects where its liquidity, financial strength and real estate expertise can add value and facilitate completion.

Senior company executives are highly experienced real estate lenders with each having more than 30 years of commercial real estate and financing expertise. HSF’s core management team has been working together for over two decades. For more information, visit

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  • Why Diversification is a Smart Strategy

    Thought Leadership

    Why Diversification is a Smart Strategy

    From geographical to asset type, diversifying is really about balancing risk for both lenders and investors, HALL Structured Finance’s Mike Jaynes tells


    About HALL Structured Finance

    HSF is part of the HALL Group family of companies.
    - HALL Group is a diversified set of companies with core expertise in real estate, including development, management and leasing.
    - For over 50 years, HALL Group has collectively owned, managed and/or developed more than 100,000 apartments, 5 million square feet of commercial office space, numerous hotels, retail centers and residential land.
    - HALL Group has a nearly $1 billion net worth, based on the fair market value of its assets and liquidity of approx. $200 million as of February 2018. Get in touch with us today