MenaiHigh net worth investors have some serious long-term concerns about the real estate market. A new survey from CTBC Bank showed that high net worth investors are particularly concerned about rising interest rates and affordability issues. Of those surveyed, 75% were concerned about the negative impact of housing affordability and 60% showed concern about rising interest rates. Generational gaps in housing needs also topped the list, with 60% of respondents concerned. Overall, however, the respondents were refreshingly optimistic about the economic outlook with only 15% expressing less comfort making an investment decision today than they did five years ago. The survey also showed that 82% of investors interviewed felt comfortable making investment decisions in the current economic climate. To find out more about the survey results and what they say about the real estate investment environment ahead, we sat down with Noor Menai, President & CEO of CTBC Bank USA, for an interview.