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The right financing structure for your multifamily real estate investment can be achieved through a relationship with experts who understand your objectives and share your vision. For PNC Real Estate, being successful at meeting your needs comes from delivering the most appropriate solution from the comprehensive array of financing options available — all from one bank. Throughout the life of each transaction, an experienced real estate finance professional manages each step of the process with you, to help you deliver favorable results to the communities you create.

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Articles By PNC Real Estate

  • The Nuances Behind the Industry’s Wait-and-See Period

    Thought Leadership

    The Nuances Behind the Industry’s Wait-and-See Period

    WASHINGTON, DC—The nation is in a wait-and-see period as we anticipate our new president and Congress settling into their respective positions. But what does this mean to commercial real estate and how long can it last? Read on . . .

  • Pipelines and Products: Where The Agencies Are Headed

    Thought Leadership

    Pipelines and Products: Where The Agencies Are Headed

    LOS ANGELES—This economic recovery has produced a wide range of capital sources that all have their nuanced strengths, PNC Real Estate’s Robert Younkin tells We speak with Younkin and execs from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on their approaches to the market.

  • Why Your Bank Relationship Matters in CRE

    Thought Leadership

    Why Your Bank Relationship Matters in CRE

    LOS ANGELES—Having a good relationship with banks not only provides peace of mind to both parties, but these days it also can provide borrowers with advantages they wouldn’t otherwise have, PNC Real Estate tells


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    PNC Real Estate is a leading provider of banking, financing and servicing solutions for commercial real estate clients across the country. Our comprehensive array of capabilities includes acquisition, construction and permanent financing for public and private developers and investors; agency financing for multifamily and seniors housing properties; and debt and equity capital for the affordable housing industry. And, through Midland Loan Services, we provide third-party loan servicing, asset management and technology solutions. Learn more at

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