2019 ALM Real Estate Media Editorial Calendar

Commercial real estate editorial calendar for Real Estate Forum, GlobeSt.com and RealShare Event Conference series. Plus awards honoring industry leaders.

Publication DateContent TitlePublicationDescriptionSpace Close Materials DueAudiencePractice AreasPOD OptionDistribution
12/11/19Innovative ThinkingCredit Union TimesA look inside the minds of CU leaders who are approaching the industry with a different mindset for their employees & members.11/20/1911/27/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
12/18/19Extra Special TimesCredit Union TimesA look back on 2018 and the good things happening inside CUs & the positive things employees are doing out in their communities.11/27/1912/4/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
12/12/19The British Legal Awards 2019: Who Won What, and Why...Legal WeekFull details of the winning entries at The British Legal Awards11/28/1912/2/19Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Law Department Management, Law Firm Management, Law Firm Profitabilityonline
12/9/19White-Collar CrimeNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic. aturturro@alm.com11/28/1912/2/19Company, Government, Law FirmWhite Collar Crimeboth
12/10/19PaLaw2019The Legal IntelligencerData, charts, articles on the year in law.11/29/1912/2/19Law FirmLaw Firm Partners, Law Firm Profitability, Law Schoolsboth
12/9/19Most Effective LawyersDaily Business ReviewAnnual awards to the Most Effective Lawyers in South Florida12/2/1912/4/19Law FirmLegal Professionboth
12/16/19Product Liability & Class ActionNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles on current developments in these areas of law from expert practitioners.12/4/1912/9/19Company, Law Firm, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitCivil Procedure, Consumer Protection, Products Liabilityboth
12/16/19LitigationNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.12/5/1912/9/19Company, Government, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLitigatorsboth
1/8/20Foresight is 2020Credit Union TimesA look into the bigger issues facing credit unions in 2020.12/18/1912/25/19Retail Trade and Distributionboth
2/1/20Labor & Employment; Market Report: CanadaCorporate CounselSpecial focus on employment issues for in-house counsel.12/23/1912/27/19Companyboth
1/20/202020 Industry OutlookBenefitsPROA look at the year ahead, the benefits industry, and what it means to brokers12/24/1912/30/19Companyboth
1/20/20Health Care CostsBenefitsPROHow can brokers and their clients help bend the cost curve?12/24/1912/30/19Companyboth
1/20/20100 Sales & Marketing TipsBenefitsPROOur annual list of 100 tips to grow business, make enrollment smoother, and reach clients more effectively12/24/1912/30/19Company, Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
2/1/20Women in Wealth InnovationInvestment AdvisorWhat female VIPs in wealth management are doing to transform the business.12/31/191/6/20Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
1/22/20Auto LendingCredit Union TimesAuto lending trends and CU successes.1/1/201/8/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
2/4/20The Business of Insurance & Property & Casualty ClaimsClaims"-Recruiting the next generation of insurance pros -Impacts of climate change on claims -Executive Q&A -Universities w/ insurance1/7/201/14/20Real Estateboth
2/28/20Diversity & InclusionCorporate CounselThe importance of DI efforts and what in-house counsel want from thier outside teams.1/20/201/27/20Companyboth
2/17/20TechnologyBenefitsPROTechnology continues to shape the benefits industry in a number of ways1/22/201/29/20Companyboth
2/17/20Self-FundingBenefitsPROWhat trends and strategies are occuring within the self-funded space?1/22/201/29/20Companyboth
2/17/20Expanding the Care ContinumBenefitsPROA look at the latest in everything from telehealth to on-site clinics and wellness devices1/22/201/29/20Companyboth
2/12/20Executive Talent: Best HR Recruitment PracticesCredit Union TimesExecutive Talent: Best HR Recruitment Practices1/22/201/29/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
2/10/20ADRConnecticut Law TribuneAlt Dispute resolution1/29/202/3/20Company, Law Firmonline
2/26/20CUNA GAC 2020Credit Union TimesRegulatory issues CUs are focused on in Washington, D.C.2/5/202/12/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
2/24/20Annual Office GuideDaily Business ReviewReal estate special section2/10/202/14/20Real Estate, Law Firmboth
3/11/20Crime Inside CUsCredit Union TimesA closer look at criminal and embezzlement cases that have happened inside credit unions.2/19/202/26/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
4/1/20Business LeadershipCorporate CounselArticles on working with the C-Suite and being an intregal part of business strategy.2/24/203/2/20Companyboth
3/20/20C-SuiteBenefitsPROBenefits advisors are increasingly working with the C-Suite. What are the best strategies?2/26/203/4/20Companyboth
3/30/20BenefitsPRO Broker Expo PreviewBenefitsPROA look at what's on tap for the 2020 BenefitsPRO Broker Expo2/26/203/4/20Companyboth
3/23/20Employment LawConnecticut Law TribuneEmployment law attorneys and firms contribute columns regarding the field, with latest news and developments.3/2/203/16/20Law Firmonline
3/25/20Mobile Banking & Digital PaymentsCredit Union TimesMobile Banking & Digital Payments3/4/203/11/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
3/16/20Billing RatesDaily Business ReviewAnalysis of attorney billing rates3/9/203/11/20Law Firmboth
4/6/20Liability/Catastrophe PlanningClaims"-Unique Contents claims -Wildfire claims -Biological hazard claims (crime scene cleanup) -Notre Dame Cathedral restoration update3/10/203/17/20Real Estateboth
4/6/20AutoClaims"-Auto technology & its impact on claims -Trends in auto claims -Subrogating auto claims -Ridesharing liabilities -Auto techno3/10/203/17/20Real Estate, Transportation/Aviationboth
4/8/20CybersecurityCredit Union TimesCybersecurity trends and the tools to help fight a growing problem for CUs.3/18/203/25/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
5/1/20Market Report: ChinaCorporate CounselInternational business and trade in China and the laws behind it.3/23/203/30/20Companyboth
4/20/20Broker of the Year finalistsBenefitsPROA closer look at each of our five Broker of the Year finalists for 20193/25/204/1/20Companyboth
4/20/20Disability InsuranceBenefitsPROCoverage for Disability Awareness Month3/25/204/1/20Companyboth
4/20/20Voluntary SurveyBenefitsPROThe annual BenefitsPRO/Eastbridge voluntary benefits survey3/25/204/1/20Companyboth
4/13/20Annual Industrial & Retail Leasing GuideDaily Business ReviewTrends in the South Florida retail and industrial real estate markets3/30/204/6/20Law Firmboth
4/22/20CU Branch EvolutionCredit Union TimesCU Branch Evolution4/1/204/8/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
5/4/20Professional Excellence IDaily Business ReviewAttorney of the Year, On the Rise4/20/204/27/20Law Firmboth
5/13/20The Underserved & UnbankedCredit Union TimesThe Underserved & Unbanked4/22/204/29/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
5/18/20Mental HealthBenefitsPROTips on working with clients to implement wellness plans that focus on mental health4/22/204/29/20Companyboth
5/18/20Broker of the YearBenefitsPROSpotlight on our 2020 BenefitsPRO Broker of the Year4/22/204/29/20Companyboth
5/18/20The Life/Career of a BrokerBenefitsPROA look at the challenges and opportunities brokers face at various stages of their careers4/22/204/29/20Companyboth
5/18/20Compliance ConcernsBenefitsPROFrom ERISA to ACA to fiduciary and beyond, compliance is one of the most important considerations for brokers today4/22/204/29/20Companyboth
5/18/20Professional Excellence AwardsConnecticut Law TribuneAnnual Awards. Online only4/27/205/11/20Law Firmonline
5/18/20Professional Excellence IIDaily Business ReviewLifetime Achievement, Distinguished Leaders, Legal Departments, Litigation Departments Midsize and Small, Innovative Practice, Rea5/4/205/11/20Law Firmboth
5/27/20Core ProcessingCredit Union TimesCore Processing5/6/205/13/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
6/5/20InsurTechClaims"- Vulnerability of smart phone apps to hackers - New claims technology -What does a successful technology implementation look lik5/12/205/19/20Real Estateboth
6/5/20"-Auto technology & its impact on claims -Trends in auto claims -Subrogating auto claims -Ridesharing liabilities -Auto technology & hacker dangers"Claims"-Emerging risks in claims - Marijuana update -Risks of a sharing economy -Cybersecurity ? attacks from nation states, how munici5/12/205/19/20Real Estate, Transportation/Aviationboth
6/10/20Mortgage LendingCredit Union TimesMortgage Lending5/20/205/27/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
6/22/20Health Care SurveyBenefitsPROThe annual health care survey allows brokers to share their thoughts5/27/206/3/20Companyboth
6/22/20Immigration benefitsBenefitsPROHow has the current administration and political climate affected benefits and hiring for immigrants?5/27/206/3/20Companyboth
6/22/20Expo RecapBenefitsPROA recap of the 2020 Expo5/27/206/3/20Companyboth
6/22/20Vision and Dental TrendsBenefitsPROWhat's hot (or not) with these staple products?5/27/206/3/20Companyboth
6/24/20NAFCU's Annual ConferenceCredit Union TimesAs summer begins, a look ahead at NAFCU's priorities for the rest of 2020.6/3/206/10/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
7/8/20Special ISSUE: Diversity & InclusionCredit Union TimesA full print issue discussing the CU workforce, membership base and how diversity and inclusion is used as a business strategy.6/17/206/24/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
6/25/20Firm Census/Financials (Review 100)Daily Business ReviewProfiles of law firms and financials in Sorth Florida6/18/206/22/20Law Firmboth
7/20/20Drug prices and PBMsBenefitsPROTips, trends and strategies for this often controversial sector of the industry.6/24/207/1/20Companyboth
7/20/20Industry ConsolidationBenefitsPROFrom brokers to carriers, consolidation continues to have a drastic impact on the industry. What's next?6/24/207/1/20Companyboth
7/20/20Practice managementBenefitsPROTips on running your brokeage like a business, social media and marketing your practice.6/24/207/1/20Companyboth
7/22/20Advances in FintechCredit Union TimesAdvances in Fintech7/1/207/8/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
7/20/20Insurance LawConnecticut Law TribuneLatest developments in insurance law from industry insiders in CT market.7/6/207/13/20Law Firmonline
8/7/20"Legal issues/ Workforce issues Workers? compensation claims"Claims"- Bad faith in claims -How marijuana impacts workers? comp claims -New laws affecting claims/ workforce ? e.g., cannabis -Telemed7/7/207/14/20Insuranceboth
7/20/20Diversity Minorities/WomenDaily Business ReviewFocus on diversity in South Florida legal profession7/13/207/15/20Law Firmboth
9/1/20Market Report: The EUCorporate CounselInternational business and trade in Europe and the laws behind it.7/20/207/27/20Companyboth
8/12/20Student Lending CrisisCredit Union TimesStudent Lending Crisis7/22/207/29/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
8/24/20Benefits communicationBenefitsPROThe latest strategies and trends in the communciation space7/29/208/5/20Companyboth
8/24/20DiversityBenefitsPROFor years, the industry has touted the importance of increased diversity. Has it worked?7/29/208/5/20Companyboth
8/26/20Regulation & ComplianceCredit Union TimesWhat CUs should expect as Congress returns to work this fall.8/5/208/12/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
8/17/20CubaDaily Business ReviewFocus on Cuba legal and policy developments8/10/208/12/20Law Firmboth
9/9/20Credit & Debit CardsCredit Union TimesCredit & Debit Cards8/19/208/26/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
10/1/20Who Reps America?s Biggest CompaniesCorporate CounselThis issue provides a list of firms representing top corporations.8/24/208/24/20Companyboth
9/21/20Employer SurveyBenefitsPROThis annual survey focuses on employer and human resource manager perspectives on the benefits business8/26/209/2/20Companyboth
9/21/20Election coverageBenefitsPROA look at the 2020 election and it's potential ramifications for the industry8/26/209/2/20Companyboth
9/21/20Open EnrollmentBenefitsPROThe latest strategies, trends and advice from industry experts8/26/209/2/20Companyboth
9/21/20Retirement PlansBenefitsPROA look at trends, innovation, challenges and the ongoing effects of the DOL ruling8/26/209/2/20Companyboth
9/23/20MarketingCredit Union TimesMarketing9/2/209/9/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
9/21/20Commercial Real Estate Annual ReportDaily Business ReviewReal estate special section9/7/209/14/20Real Estateboth
10/2/20Specialty insurance/Property Damage/CybersecurityClaims"- AirBNB property damage claims - Specialty claims - Cybersecurity laws & their impact on claims -Facial recognition technology i9/8/209/15/20Insuranceboth
10/2/20Fraud detectionClaims"-Identifying new fraud schemes -Business fraud issues -Highlight a major fraud claim -Wearables & telematics to fight fraudulent9/8/209/15/20Insuranceboth
10/30/20TechnologyCorporate CounselFocus on the developments in technolgy for in-house counsel.9/21/209/28/20Companyboth
12/1/20Women in Law (WIPL awards package )Corporate CounselFeatures Q&A profiles of 60 women in-house and firm leaders.9/21/209/28/20Companyboth
10/19/20Health care reform: What's next?BenefitsPROThe latest on health care reform and other regulation.9/23/209/30/20Companyboth
10/14/20CUSOsCredit Union TimesCUSOs9/23/209/30/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
10/19/20Power of partnershipsBenefitsPROTips on strategically partnering with TPAs and other industry partners.9/23/209/30/20Companyboth
10/19/20Land UseConnecticut Law TribuneDevelopments in Land Use Law10/5/2010/12/20Law Firmonline
10/28/20CU Leagues: Agenda & ActivismCredit Union TimesAn inside look on CU leagues around the U.S. & the issues that are a top priority.10/7/2010/14/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
10/26/20Real Estate Biggest DealsDaily Business ReviewReal estate special section10/12/2010/19/20Real Estateboth
11/11/20Mergers: Strategies & ChallengesCredit Union TimesMergers: Strategies & Challenges10/21/2010/28/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
11/23/202020 Wrap up/Industry overviewBenefitsPROA look back at the year in benefits10/28/2011/4/20Companyboth
11/23/20What's next?BenefitsPROWhat will the year ahead hold for benefits professionals?10/28/2011/4/20Companyboth
11/9/20Law Firm Leaders OutlookDaily Business ReviewOutlook for 2020 from South Florida law firm leaders11/2/2011/4/20Law Firmboth
11/25/20CUs & the 2020 Election ResultsCredit Union TimesAn in-depth look at the meaning of the election results for CUs by state & region.11/4/2011/11/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
12/4/20Subrogation/Year in ReviewClaims"- Claims Salary Survey -2020 Fraud Hall of Shame -Recap of major issues in 2020 -Subrogating cyber claims -Subrogation "11/10/2011/17/20Insuranceboth
12/9/20CUs in the CommunityCredit Union TimesThe good deeds being done by CUs in the community.11/18/2011/25/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
12/7/20Most Effective LawyersDaily Business ReviewWork by the most effective lawyers in South Florida11/30/2012/2/20Law Firmboth
12/23/20Hindsight is 2020Credit Union TimesA look back on 2020 and analyzing the successes that happened inside the credit union movement.12/2/2012/9/20Companyboth


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