LONDON -A new landmark hotel of up to 200 rooms could be developed in one of the four office towers over Croydon’s Whitgift Shopping Centre, under plans being considered by the centre’s owners, Aberdeen Property Asset Managers.

Aberdeen has appointed Insignia Hotels to assess the market response for such a hotel, for development in June 2002.

Aberdeen Director James Salmon said: ‘Redevelopment of Tower C as a hotel would support the Council in its ‘20/20 Vision’ initiative to achieve mixed use activities in the central business district. We believe that a hotel would bring a further welcome element to the office and retail environment.’

Chris Rouse, director of Insignia Hotel Partners, is keen for the scheme to go ahead. He said: ‘The Whitgift Shopping Centre, with 1.25 million sf of retail, is one of the best known destination shopping locations in the UK and would provide fantastic visibility for a branded hotel. The indications are positive for a good quality hotel development of up to 200 rooms and we believe that there will be very attractive synergies between the hotel, the office use and the shopping complex.’

The hotel could open as early as 2003.