WESTWOOD, CA-Developer Casden Glendon and neighborhood activists are in a heated battle over plans for a $100 million apartment and retail complex Glendon, led by builder Alan Cashen, proposes to build 350 luxury apartments with ground floor stores and restaurants and a three-level subterranean garage. The so-called Palazzo Westwood would consist of two five-story buildings flanking Glendon Ave., south of Weyburn Ave. and west of Tiverton Ave.

Activists want the project to be scaled down, citing problems with the overall density of the development, its height and parking. Plans have been made to narrow the street and widen the sidewalk to accommodate outdoor cafes and make the block more attractive to pedestrians, but it hasn’t placated the neighborhood groups.

The question being asked by many protesters is whether the Westwood Village plan will add to the area’s shortage of parking space. Even with the 1,450-stall garage proposed for the site, opponents are still weary of congestion. The developer’s plan to widen sidewalks will reduce the amount of street parking already at a premium, according to activists.

However, according to representatives of the Palazzo development, its plan includes more parking than is required and the widening of sidewalks will make the area friendlier for pedestrians and encourage foot traffic. But the underground parking garage doesn’t make up for the loss of on-street parking and surface-lot stalls.

The fate of the $100 million project may not be decided for some time as the plan is evaluated by the City Council. The primary concern of City Council members and residents is to improve the “blighted condition” of the area as long as it doesn’t create unnecessary traffic problems.

According to the developer, the plan will create 213 residential units and 230,000 sf of commercial space, half of that space fronting Glendon will be topped with 350 apartments.