SOUTH WEYMOUTH, MA-The first phase report on the Naval Air Station Development Project, a prerequisite to construction on the site, was filed with the state’s Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.

The filing was made by the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corporation, the public entity created by the state legislature for the purpose of overseeing redevelopment of the 1,440-acre former base. The document is required by the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act.

The report outlines development plans for the first stage of the redevelopment–which will be in the Northwest quadrant–as well as its impacts and proposed mitigation measures. This stage will include up to 300,000 sf of office space, up to 300 senior housing units, and playing fields. The document was reviewed by a 15-member Citizens Advisory Committee appointed by Robert Durand, the state’s environmental affairs secretary, which recommended the secretary allow the first stage construction to proceed.

According to Kenneth Goff, executive director of the Tri-Town Corporation, the Navy will probably transfer the first several hundred acres to the Corporation during the fall. The parcel includes about 20 acres near Route 18 zoned for office space, and another parcel zoned for senior housing.

The base is one of the largest parcels of land in the area with development potential. It is located about 14 miles outside of Boston and ultimately over 60% of the property will remain as open space, including wetlands, nature trails and parks.