SOUTH LAKE TAHOE-According to South Lake Tahoe officials, an environmental impact report concerning a large residential and commercial proposal at the North Star resort is nearly complete.

The $180-million Northstar Village plan, which has been proposed by Colorado-based East West Partners, includes approximately 200 housing units, 122,000-sf of commercial/retail space, 300 parking spaces, a spa and conference area.

The proposed Northstar expansion is expected to generate $7.1 million in annual revenues, while requiring $1.9 million in county expenditures to deliver necessary services, resulting in an annual positive contribution to the county of $5.2 million.

Consultants hired by Placer County are nearly finished with the Draft Environmental Impact Report, which will provide East West and the county with environmental information, including which areas to avoid and ways to mitigate impacts to the environment.

Following completion of the DEIR, the county will hold public hearings before the project is given the green light.