OAKLEY, CA-The Oakley Redevelopment Agency has approved an extension of an exclusive negotiation agreement with Capital Partners, Inc. for the proposed development of the long-awaited Downtown Civic Center.

The city plans to build a Civic Center on the corner of Norcross and Main streets. The project is slated to include three buildings that will contain city hall, a police station and retail and office space for lease.

The City Council recently approved the task force’s recommendation to solicit competitive development proposals for the project, entering an exclusive negotiation agreement with Capital Partners in March and later extending the contract until September. The city has now extended the agreement again until January.

However, city officials say that concerns about the city’s future revenue may further delay the project, at least until after the November elections. Oakley is one of California’s newest cities and was incorporated in 1999. The city says it is doing everything in its power to realize its vision of what it should be.

Over the past few years, the city’s Downtown Revitalization Task Force has made recommendations on the future alignment of Main Street in between Vintage Parkway and Third Street. The approved alignment will move Main Street north at Vintage Parkway through the parking lot of the Centro Mart site and along the train tracks, rejoining the current Main Street at Third Street. This alignment will preserve most of Main Street site for the development of a Civic Center and Town Plaza.