TROY, MI-Saleen Inc., an assembler of the Saleen Mustang and high-performance automobiles, has won approval from the city council to build a factory on a brownfield site. The redevelopment of the Stanley Door property, which sits on 15 acres, is a major undertaking because of the condition of the building and the property, says Doug Smith, the city’s real estate and development director.

Developer REDICO is using the city’s brownfield redevelopment authority process to ask for a 10% tax credit on new development costs from the state, for up to 10 years. Environmental issues in the current building and on the site make the site eligible for brownfield designation.

The new project would include an office, museum, assembly plant and demonstration area in the front of the new building.

Troy officials approved the brownfield plan. However, the project is now competing against another plan to renovate and rebuild at the company’s current Irvine, CA facility.

The brownfield site has been unused for almost a decade, city officials say, and is one of the last of three properties identified as primary redevelopment targets to create momentum along the Maple Road corridor. The other two projects, the old Troy Hilton and former Ford Tractor facility, have both been redeveloped.