BELLINGHAM, WA-International Absorbents Inc., a developer of eco-friendly pet care and industrial products, has bought a 15.6-acre property in the area for $1.5 million.

The company, which trades on the OTC Bulletin Board:IABI, plans to build a new 100,000-sf manufacturing facility on the property. The move is expected to significantly reduce operating costs by consolidating six Northwest facilities now in operation to one.

Company representatives say consolidation will allow International Absorbents to take advantage ofsignificant economies of scale in labor, equipment and energy while eliminating several lease payments for secondary facilities. The new facility will be designed to house four primary processing lines, secondarymanufacturing and assembly, warehousing and the operating company’s corporateoffices. The site has rail and easy highway access with space to provide forfurther expansion to over 200,000 sf.

“This is the initial phase of our program to enhance our physical assetsin support of our mandate to accelerate sales growth,” says Gordon L. Ellis,Chairman of International Absorbents Inc. “Due to our excellent growth overthe previous few years, we have acquired space in numerous locations in thearea, a new facility will allow us to merge these operations.”

After construction is complete on the facility in thesummer of 2003, the move will be made in two stages. The first stage willconsolidate all of International Absorbents’ production and office activitieswith the exception of the main manufacturing line. The second stage willencompass the moving, updating and streamlining of its main manufacturing lineinto the new facility.

“The move to a new manufacturing facility will result in greaterefficiencies, enhanced logistics, and more cost effective use of assets. Itwill also enhance long-term production capacity and provide a location fromwhich International Absorbents can expand for years to come,” Ellis adds.

International Absorbents Inc. develops, manufactures and markets patentedand proprietary, consumer and commercial products derived fromrecycled, renewable materials. Consumer and industrialapplications include: retail/commercial pet bedding and litter, oil andhazardous liquid spill cleanup and control, oil/water filtration, andpackaging.