Do you ever feel kinda paranoid?We do.It seems that the media is to blame for a perceived lack of attendance at this year’s International Council of Shopping Centers spring convention, also called RECon. It’s hard for us to believe that anything we would write could possibly stop people from shopping at department stores or building lifestyle centers, but apparently that’s the case, according to one speaker here.In fact, it seems like the media is to blame for everything. According to Lou Dobbs, the CNN media personality who gave today’s keynote speech at the convention, the “national media is 70% liberal in all forms” and is causing undo hand wringing about this economic-downturn business.Well, we’d like to think that certain financial institutions have a little more pull, but maybe we’re underestimating ourselves, and it’s our fault that millions of people can no longer pay their mortgages.On a more positive note, a speaker today, ICSC’s chairman Renee Tremblay, said that there are opportunities to be had from the challenges in today’s economy. Let’s hope he’s right, and the media doesn’t screw it up for everyone.