[Editor's Note: Check out Thought Leader Moss Adams' newest column on discounted loans. For a wide range of Moss Adams insights, click here.]

LOS ANGELES-In his latest GlobeSt.com Thought Leader column, Greg Martin, a partner at Moss-Adams LLP talks about an increase in the acquisition of discounted commercial real estate loans. In a conversation with GlobeSt.com’s Bob Howard here at ULI’s fall meeting, he said that one of the reasons for the pickup in buying distressed loans is because “there is a lot of capital that’s chasing undervalued property.” Click here to read Martin’s entire column on the issue.

During the discussion, the two touch on:

  • Buying a commercial real estate note and going through the foreclosure process.
  • How to handle debt relief on a commercial real estate property that has decreased in value.
  • Instances of commercial real estate developers buying their own bad deals.