Reading legal descriptions has been known to cause brain paralysis, comatose states, and in rare instances, mass hypnosis.    “Beginning at a point… thence North 40* 38’ 23” East, along a northwesterly line, 459.59 feet to the centerline of Any Street… thence southeasterly the following courses and distances…. to the point of beginning.” 

See?  You are already asleep.

But like with many things, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – a stronger CRE professional that is!  Learning to digest the “metes and potatoes” of legal descriptions will help you better understand what is being conveyed in a real estate asset, and also help you identify any errors in a description (such as a property boundary that doesn’t mathematically close) or discrepancies between multiple descriptions for the same property.  Anyone involved in ordering or reviewing ALTA Land Title Surveys and Title Insurance would especially benefit from a little education on these descriptions. 

So, to help you graduate from a “baby food” understanding of legal descriptions to a “Hungry Man” one, we are putting on a free webinar on November 8th that covers:

  • Understanding legal description measurements
  • The make-up of Metes & Bounds legal descriptions
  • The make-up of other types of legal descriptions
  • Examples of various types of legal descriptions

We promise to keep it as entertaining as a discussion on legal descriptions can possibly be!  If that doesn’t wet your appetite, the webinar will also offer one MCLE credit hour (CA State Bar).  Visit our Partner Webinars page to sign up.