Originally broadcast on December 12, 2013, the Partner Engineering webinar Development is Back! Mitigate Risk with Due Diligence is available on demand until March 13, 2014.

With development making a comeback, investors, lenders and developers alike are brushing the dust off their development due diligence policies and getting prepared for the unique challenges and risks of the development process.

Join Partner Engineering’s Ken Sisk, PE, National Client Manager, Consulting & Engineering Services; Chris Daniels, PLS, Director, Surveying & Mapping; and Clare Broderick, PE, LEED AP, Director, Facilities Engineering, as they discuss the key engineering, environmental and energy due diligence items that can identify potential “fatal flaws” to a development or redevelopment project and help to prevent them.

  • Zoning Analysis
  • Land Survey
  • Preliminary Development Plan / Feasibility Analysis
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Geotechnical Study
  • Excavations & Dewatering
  • Traffic Study
  • Utility Study
  • Impact Fees
  • Permit Analysis
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Energy & Sustainability

For registration and to listen to the full webinar Development is Back! Mitigate Risk with Due Diligence, click here.