LAS VEGAS—Some 13,000 letters are in the process of going out to owners of commercial property in Los Angeles. The letters, from the local municipality, carry an ultimatum of sorts, commonly referred to as Fix it or Raise it. It’s a stark choice for owners whose properties might not meet current code for safety in the event of an earthquake.

This startling fact was delivered by Partner Engineering and Science, Inc., CEO Joseph Derhake, PE, who in this exclusive video interview from RECon 2016 explains that there is another shift taking place beneath our feet . . . a major shift in the codes impacting earthquake construction. (Derhake will host an in-depth look at the revised ASTM seismic guidelines. Click here to learn more.)

You’ll hear how these changes will affect your assets and:

  • What are some of the safest building construction techniques;
  • Why not all assessments are alike; and
  • What comes first . . . the design or the contractor?