LAS VEGAS—From retail to office and industrial, brokers are thinking about how technology is going to impact the real estate market. Driverless cars seem to be at the top of the list, with industrial investors thinking about the potential for driverless trucks and office and retail players thinking about how driverless cars will dramatically change office and shopping center development. Already, office and retail are providing drop-off lanes for car sharing apps like Uber and Lyft at existing properties and in new developments.

While the potential for driverless cars is at the top of the tech list, brokers were also thinking about technology integration into properties—like Wi-Fi and smart systems—as well as outside influences, like ecommerce, which has become a factor for both industrial and retail professionals. Technology is changing the fabric of real estate quickly. We sat down with an expert from each asset class at the recent Lee & Associates broker’s summit in Las Vegas to talk about how they are approaching technology and how they are preparing their clients for the change.

In this exclusive video interview, Lee & Associates Craig Viergever, industrial expert and EVP and principal, Andrew Cheney, office expert and principal; and Greg Tannor, retail expert and EVP and principal, talk about their real estate sectors, what is changing and how technology is going to be a disruptor.