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Young Pros Plus Affordable Equals A Good Match

Young Pros Plus Affordable Equals A Good Match

IRVINE, CA—It’s just good business sense overall to hire smart, young professionals as much as possible, plus this cohort can see the direct impact this work will have in communities and on individual lives, CPP’s Anand Kannan tells

Retail to Create a Sense of Place

Retail to Create a Sense of Place

LOS ANGELES—Citing examples such as the Mall of Dubai and the Runway at Playa Vista in its hometown, CBRE details how retail placemaking provides “the experience along with the functional.”

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Healthcare’s Change of Venue, Shifting Facility Needs

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—Sources at RealShare Healthcare Real Estate on Thursday discussed the response of healthcare systems and the changes in the continuum of care and agree that creative solutions are key to the future.


Global Medical REIT Buys $68M Hospital Portfolio From Healthcare Realty

BETHESDA, MD--Ever since the REIT closed on its initial public offering earlier this year, it has been making tracks to establish itself as a player.

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‘The Whole Continuum is Changing’

TUCSON, AZ—Technology and the economy underpin the evolution in the continuum of care, says Rendina’s Neil Carolan, who will lead a discussion at RealShare Healthcare.

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