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Home Price Gains Beat Expectations

NEW YORK CITY—“The economy is supporting the price increases with improving labor markets, falling unemployment rates and extremely low mortgage rates,” says S&P/Dow Jones’ David Blitzer. Pending home sales and multifamily construction have also posted positive reports.

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The New York Times ran a special feature on executive pay over the weekend with the front page article reporting that the top 200 executives sampled…


Out-betting Hiring Firms: Too Little Too Late?

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—Real estate companies can learn a lot from employees during exit interviews and satisfaction surveys to determine if they’re doing all they can to retain talent, RETS Associates’ Jana Turner tells in this EXCLUSIVE interview.


Expert: Retail Industry Becomes More Darwinian

INLAND EMPIRE, CA—A region's stability is provided by the diversification of shopping centers, outlets, power centers and neighborhood centers, says a source in this EXCLUSIVE Q&A.

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Millennial Renters are Least Likely to Have Insurance

AUSTIN, TX—The insurance industry should educate this new generation of renters to demonstrate it’s an affordable financial safety net.


The City is Hitting on all Cylinders

AUSTIN, TX—In preparation for RealShare Austin coming up, Jamil Alam of Endeavor Real Estate Group, discussed the area's transformation including the latest trends and general issues facing Austin today.

Demographics Give Rise to Extended Stay Concept

ROUND ROCK, TX—The city is close to major corporations and retail so it attracts different types of travelers, all adding to the spike in extended stay lodging.

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New Leadership, Renewed Energy

Marcus & Millichap has been publicly traded since 2013 and has had a new CEO since last month, but continues to follow the principle that guided its founders in 1971: putting the client’s best interests first

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    June 02, 2016 Austin , TX The area's unsurpassed CRE event spotlighting the area's trends, active areas, latest insight, industry forecasts and much more. Register Now
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    August 16, 2016 Costa Mesa , CA Building on the success of last year's event, RealShare OC 2016 promises to cover a wider array of topics effecting Orange County. Register Now

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