Los AngelesThe Watt Family of The Watt Companies has sponsored a homelessness challenge, encouraging private citizens to find a scalable solution to the homeless problem in Los Angeles. Through Common Pool, the family will award $350,000 to implement two winning ideas. This isn’t the first time that a challenge model has been used to find solutions to community problems. In 2017, for example, InnoCentive launched the Emergency Response 2.0 Challenge through an organization called X Prize to find a solution to clean the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil spill. The Watt Family is hopeful that through open sourcing, citizens will be able to create innovative solutions to homelessness in Los Angeles, which has the largest homeless population in the country. Applications for the challenge opened last week, and will close at the end of the summer. To find out more about the challenge and what motivated the family to get involved, we sat down with Scott Watt and Nadine Watt for an interview.