Craig Killman Craig Killman

There are new rules that retailers should be following to attract customers, create a good shopping experience and stay competitive in the future. According to a new report from JLL, which analyzed the shopping experience, there are six characteristics that make a “good retail experience.” It needs to be intuitive, meaning an experience that is simple for shoppers to navigate; have a human experience with a knowledgeable staff; it needs to be meaningful in that shoppers feel a sense of pride when shopping at the store; it needs to be immersive with an appealing exterior and interior; it needs to be accessible; and finally, it needs to be personalized. These are national trends, but we wondered how they were taking hold in a market like San Diego, which it sprawling and dynamic in terms of its consumer needs. We sat down with Craig Killman, EVP at JLL, to talk about how the retail experience in San Diego is changing and how the market is effectuating these national trends.