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Welcome to ICSC’s RECon 2018

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Welcome to ICSC’s RECon 2018

RECon will feature an innovation exchange that will provide hands-on access to next-generation retail concepts. Attendees EXCLUSIVELY talk security robots, virtual dressing rooms, A.I. integration and more.

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What Retail Streets Are in Need of

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What Retail Streets Are in Need of

Despite the disruptive inventions of enclosed arcades, shopping malls and, most recently, online shopping, street retail remains the human race’s favorite mode of exchanging money for goods, says one source we EXCLUSIVELY spoke with surround our ICSC RECon show coverage.

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The Cutting-Edge Technology Disrupting CRE

The most recent San Diego CREW meeting invited industry leaders to show off the newest technologies changing their business.


NYC’s Cryptocurrency Rush: Striking Office Gold or Not Quite Sold?

Cryptocurrency will spur other industries requiring real estate, says corporate managing director at Savills Studley, Gabe Marans.

Hampshire, Claremont and Provident Bank Bring Mixed-Use Redevelopment to Hackensack

The project is an integral part of Hackensack’s Rehabilitation Plan, a long-term redevelopment plan developed by city officials, local business leaders, and real estate professionals to attract smart, long-term growth to the city.


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THE RETAIL ISSUE - Adapt - Survive - Thrive

Unless you’ve had your head in the ground for the past couple of decades, it’s obvious that retail has been experiencing a disruptive shock to…

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    September 27, 2018 Florham Park , NJ Join New Jersey's Top Owners, Developers, Investors, Brokers & Financiers when they discuss the topics that move the needle. Register Now
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    October 29, 2018 Los Angeles , CA Join the industry's top owners, investors, developers, brokers and financiers as they gather for the multifamily event of the year Register Now

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