Ken Salzman and Aleks Trifunovic speak to at the Lee Broker’s Summit.

LAS VEGAS—From rent schedules and lease lengths to how electricity is measured, Los Angeles and New York City handle office product much differently. These differences can mean a different approach to office strategy for both landlords and tenants. At Lee & Associates’ annual broker’s summit in Las Vegas, Ken Salzman, executive managing director and principal at Lee New York City, and Aleks Trifunovic, president of Lee West L.A., sat down for an exclusive interview to explain the differences in the market.

In a lightning-round style interview, Salzman and Trifunovic talk about key trends, like rent schedules, lease terms, use of office space and broker culture, as well as the differences in utility collection—how do the two cities approach air conditioning and the amenities that tenants are prioritizing. Watch the video to hear more about how the two major markets on opposite coasts stack up.