Conor Krup, Ra’eesa Motala and Trent Shirk at the Lee Brokers Summit

LAS VEGAS—Lee & Associates is ushering in the next generation of brokers. The firm has made a fervent commitment to mentoring and training programs to support new brokers, and the company culture and shared-ownership model is attracting a lot of new talent. At Lee & Associates’ annual broker’s summit in Las Vegas, sat down with three of the firm’s top rookies to find out first-hand about the mentorship program.

Ra’eesa Motala, associate at Lee Twin Cities; Conor Krup, associate at Lee New York City; and Trent Shirk, associate at Lee Orange, sat down for the exclusive interview. In addition to giving some insight into their experience with the mentorship program, the young brokers talk about why they were attracted to the industry, how they are using technology and what they have learned are crucial characteristics of a good broker.