Simon Prichard and Mark Trowell at the Lee Brokers Summit.

LAS VEGAS—Like markets across the country, London is balancing density needs and industrial demand. With limited land—thanks from a zoning transition that shifted land from commercial uses to residential uses—and rising need for logistics space, multi-story industrial formats are growing in popularity. While industrial demand is strong, high street retail has remained healthy. The market could be an indicator of trends to come in the US, or at least an example of how one city is balancing these competing needs.

At Lee & Associates annual broker’s summit, sat down with Simon Prichard, senior partner at London-based Gerald Eve, and Mark Trowell, partner at Gerald Eve, to talk about the industrial and retail activity in London, and how the city is accommodating these needs. During the exclusive interview, we also talked got an update on Brexit and how foreign capital, particularly from the US and Canada, is impacting the market.