Email marketing systems are crucial in today’s commercial real estate marketplace. A successful platform must include mobile technology and a seamless display. Real Capital Markets recently upgraded its email marketing service to include access across all devices, personalization features and eliminates the possibility of formatting issues. RCM helps to market 10,000 commercial real estate projects each year, and sends 3 million emails each week. The new system will more successfully match buyers and sellers.

“The cornerstone of our business is facilitating the connection between buyers and sellers of commercial properties,” Tanya Ball, director of client services at RCM, tells “Today more than ever, we live in a mobile society, with people working on the go, at various times of the day or night; and the tools they use—tablets and smart phones—are different than they were 5, 10 or 15 years ago. With more than half of all emails being read on mobile devices, it is imperative that our tools and systems embrace the needs, lifestyles and work habits of our clients.”

Mobile technology is being used more frequently in commercial real estate transactions, but user interface is just as important. RCM focused on creating a consistent look and experience across all platforms. “Back in the day, emails were created on a desktop to be viewed on a desktop,” says Ball. “As people began to use other means for viewing email, formatting conversions didn’t always come easy. But times—and our mobility—have changed. RCM’s upgraded system ensures consistency across all screen sizes.

The upgrade is also better for owners and brokers marketing properties. RCM included upgrades to the email creation system as well. “These emails are quick and easy to set up,” says Ball. “Start by selecting a template with unique design elements and then customize your email by adding images and text that will automatically adjust to be viewed consistently across all screen sizes.”

A strong email marketing campaign can expand reach to new buyers and target the right buyers. This is why focusing on email marketing is so important today. RCM’s platform has access to 60,000 potential buyers. “Email campaigns that position properties and opportunities are one of the easiest ways to ensure speed to market,” says Ball. “This is in sharp contrast to years ago when the technology didn’t exist and there was a heavy reliance on direct mail and customized offering books to market deals. Those efforts took considerable lead time and were executed at costs significantly greater than those incurred today.”

The industry has responded positively to the new platform and its benefits. “We are excited that our clients can now rest assured their emails are being seen exactly as they intended, no matter what device potential buyers are using when accessing their email,” says Ball.