Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

NEW YORK CITY—As part of its push to diversity its economy beyond the financial industry, New York City has actively supported growth in the tech sector. Now the New York City Economic Development Corporation is seeking proposals to develop and operate the NYC Center for Responsible Artificial Intelligence. It will focus on supporting the creation of responsible data science and artificial intelligence.

Leaders from startups, large companies, academia, the government and the community will create programs to establish ethical practices and build trust in new technologies. The city will support the programs with $7 million.

Click here for the RFEI (Request for Expression of Interest) which has a 4:00 pm Aug. 5, 2019 deadline.

The center will address concerns such as privacy and security, and the ethics of AI decision making including preventing biases based on age, race or gender. It will also work to create best practices and processes for responsibly using new technology. Four programs of the center will integrate ethics as a core part of AI and data usage:

(1) Applied Research Lab – This will create best practices and tools that draw upon ethics when developing and testing real-world AI applications.

(2) Data Collaboratives – Data sharing models will be developed and tested for the protection of privacy and to promote responsible innovation.

(3) Talent and Education – Rigorous ethics curricula for data and computer science students and industry professionals will be developed.

(4)  AI for Good – Space and resources will be allocated to support companies that create and use AI for social good.

Technology and its applications can outpace ethical frameworks. NYCEDC notes that with the rapid rise of digital and online platforms, companies have gained unprecedented power over consumer data and individual privacy. As markets evolve, they are becoming increasingly dependent on technology-based systems. Governments have struggled to keep pace in creating appropriate safeguards. NYCEDC states with the risks of rapid scaling of data science and AI, the center will work on establishing guidelines and best practices for all companies and industries.