Michael DeGiorgio talks with John Salustri at the CREXi booth for RECON 2019.

LAS VEGAS–It’s a tired old song: Commercial real estate is slow to adapt to new technologies. Certainly, what once might have been the case is no longer true as more venture capital floods into proptech on a daily basis.

So it’s not surprising that Michael DeGiorgio, founder and CEO of CREXi, sees a lot of industry catch-up taking place. What’s more, he says, those old perceptions are less due to CRE practitioners as much as to the tech industry that served them.

But in this exclusive RECon video, he explains how that new day is shaping up. You’ll also learn:

  • About the interface of tech and the human touch;
  • How predictive analytics are a growing presence in the marketplace; and
  • How innovations will inform the speed and quality of transactions.