Technology adoption is growing—but many property managers still lack a framework to evaluate potential technology platforms. Demetri Themelis, co-founder of Knock—a leading CRM platform designed for the multifamily property market to improve the renter experience—says that data quality should be the prioritized when property managers begin using data.

At the GlobeSt Apartments conference in Los Angeles, Themelis joined for its Multifamily Insiders Podcast series to talk about technology and data adoption in the multifamily market.

Technology has become an essential element of apartment property management, but there are still questions: what metrics matter; how do you translate prospects to residents; and how technology translates into value for a property. Themelis answers all of these questions in this interview.

While there are some guidelines to technology adoption today, technology is rapidly changing and property managers will need to say ahead of the curve to drive real competitive advantages.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are both the most anticipated new technologies. Themelis gives some insight into what these could mean for property managers and how Knock is already implementing these tools to create products that managers can start using today.

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