Technology is rapidly penetrating the multifamily sector. In fact, new companies and technology adoption is happening so quickly that if we could fast forward and peek into 2030, the apartment market would look and operate much different than it does today. Many of the technology companies emerging now considered disruptors in the industry, but in the near future, they will become an industry standard.

Domuso, an apartment rent payment technology, is one of today’s disruptors. The company’s co-founder and CEO Damian Langere sat down to talk about his vision for the future of the multifamily market in this podcast interview. According to Langere, who is also an owner and operator of an apartment portfolio, the change is coming quickly and owners are starting to understand the benefits and efficiencies created by new technologies. The effect is greater adoption of technology and the emergence of new companies.

Hit play to listen to Langere’s vision for the future of multifamily and what is driving the emergence of new technologies. In the interview, Langere talks about how multifamily owners can create a framework to examine and vet new technologies, the newest companies entering the market and how fast the change is coming.

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