NEW YORK CITY—What becomes a retail development most? Answer: Giving the people what they want. That’s exactly what Circle East, RPAI’s massive retail development in Towson, MD, aims to do.

When complete in 2020, the development will feature some 240,000 square feet of retail “designed to meet the needs of the modern consumer,” as its press statements say. In a joint venture with AvalonBay, it will also provide a healthy population of potential shoppers, with its neighboring multifamily complex now coming out of the ground.

In this exclusive video from the show floor at the ICSC Deal Making Conference, Eastern Division president Matthew Beverly gives a full update on its progress and its vision. Click the video link to hear:

  • How one developer taps into local community retail wants and needs; and
  • What common denominators drive RPAI’s vision for community in retail.