Common Areas has created essential checklists for property owners to use in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The company has created industry-specific checklists based on CDC and OSHA guidelines for commercial and multifamily owners to use free of charge. Common Areas is providing these tools in an effort to do its part to overcome the impact of the pandemic. In addition, the company has launched tools to streamline location management, work order management, and reporting capabilities.

“Our product is something that speaks directly to inspections and work order management, helping groups put their processes together in ways that can be more efficient and productive,” Casey Rue, CEO and founder of Common Areas, tells “With COVID-19, our ability to put a system together that helps companies easily track areas that have been disinfected and the steps that need to be taken to keep these workspaces clean was easy to set up and easy to provide. With the world where it is right now, it is going to take a lot of groups stepping up to help. We are in a unique position where we can provide some help so that companies can quickly put a system together.”

The company was able to leverage its existing services to quickly create these tools for owners to use amid the pandemic. “Our system is highly configurable. We looked at the recommendations from the CDC and OSHA about disinfecting office space, and we were able to put together a checklist of the recommendations and what to do in the event that there is a concern about a contamination,” says Rue. “The important thing is that the steps are taken. While that is being done, it can be a challenge to see where things are being done and where they are not. With our tool, we are able to give visibility at all levels to show what is being done and what is being reported so that leaders can take the steps necessary to protect their staff and customers.”

Common Areas has only just begun to announce these products, but has already seen clients finding them beneficial in managing current health and safety guidelines. “The response has been very strong,” says Rue. “We have existing clients that have been using it, and it is a perfect fit for what they need today.”

Common Areas is one of many companies within the industry stepping up to provide assistance, advice and tools as need, since this is an epidemic impacts all owners. “I have seen other companies providing assistance everywhere they can. There are a lot of companies stepping up, which is great,” says Rue. “As a community, we are here to help each other through challenging times. The faster that we can help people mitigate potential problems, the better.”