We’ve heard it pretty regularly throughout the pandemic: the two strongest real estate food groups have been industrial and multifamily. But drilling down into the latter space, we find some interestingly nuanced dynamics, as NorthMarq investment sales president Trevor Koskovich attests.

Even as we watched the economy tank–in just a matter of days–for multifamily investors there was a second, more uplifting COVID surprise. Coming off a January investment high, prices were expected to get caught up in the wash of the downturn and plummet as they did for other food groups. More entrepreneurial players were gathering for discount opportunities. But as Koskovich states, that simply “didn’t materialize,” as pricing remained “overwhelmingly strong.”

In this episode of the “Multifamily Visions 2021” podcast series, Koskovich will go in-depth on investment activity through Q3 of this year, look at how institutions are coming back, and where the sector stands while we await a vaccine.

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