Electronic access control manufacturer Salto has seen an increase in demand since the start of the pandemic. Apartment owners are flocking to new technologies to help boost health and wellness and to propel and expand sustainability efforts. Electronic access control systems are an easy fit because they offer keyless entry into units—especially useful for new move-ins and apartment tours during social distancing restrictions. As a result, these systems are becoming standardized across the apartment spectrum, including class-B and class-C properties.

To find out more about this technology and why the pandemic has fueled adoption, we sat down with Colin DePree, the residential business leader at Salto, for our latest episode in the Multifamily Visions 2021 podcast series. In this interview, DePree gave us insight into the surging apartment interest in technology, how access control systems can play a crucial role in an apartment owner’s sustainability plan and how both new construction and existing buildings can incorporate this technology.

DePree also explains that these aren’t trends born during the pandemic, but rather an acceleration of trends that were already gaining momentum before pandemic. For that reason, they are going to stick. Press play to listen to our interview with DePree to find out more.

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