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In recent years, the commercial real estate industry has consistently gained traction among younger professionals. As new generations enter the business, commercial real estate continues to benefit from fresh viewpoints, innovative practices, new approaches to dealmaking, inventive technology and more.

Grasping at the vast opportunities within the field, young professionals continue to seek advice and receive guidance from industry veterans, while utilizing progressive approaches and tech-forward skillsets. With countless new workplace experiences, this outstanding generation of professionals generates revolutionary practices, creates robust activity and revenue for firms and serves as forward-thinking advisors to clients.

Having worked through the upending COVID-19 pandemic and a full market cycle, today’s young professionals have learned how to quickly adapt and navigate through large crises and smaller everyday issues. Gaining strong industry backgrounds, these professionals are working to understand the industry’s future and the nuances of today’s ever-evolving market.

Acknowledging the innovative opportunities that younger professionals can provide within the field, many corporations are shifting their company cultures and evolving their hiring practices in order to better accommodate the healthy influx of new talent.

In effort to not only recruit young professionals, but allow them to succeed, more and more companies are offering career development programming, young leadership committees, graduate programs, next generation boards, etc. As a result, companies are benefitting from new perspectives, differing experiences and diverse workforces; positioning themselves for continued growth and ensuring a better future for the industry.

 GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum aims to assist both young and new industry professionals in beginning their careers by continually offering insight and advice from commercial real estate veterans and insiders across various sectors and markets.

Carmel Pratt, director of new construction at Bright Power, conveys the significance of hands-on experience as well as networking for young professionals. Pratts states, “The professional connections you make can help you secure your next role, they can inform you of new technologies, and they can be invaluable in discussing best practices and troubleshooting.”

Founder and CEO of Coyote Software, Oli Farago echoes the importance of hands-on experience when commencing a career in commercial real estate. “The commercial real estate industry is extremely unique, and if you’re going to start a company in this space, the more ‘real-world’ experience you can offer, the more successful your business will be,” he says.

Addressing the next generation of industry professionals, Mitra Esfandiari, architect and senior principal at RDC, states, “The best piece of advice I have received is to speak up and be persistent. It is essential to know that achieving goals takes time and patience and those who keep going and don’t give up are those who succeed.”

In effort to further promote the industry’s young professionals, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is once again looking to distinguish and honor the individuals that are making strides and creating lasting impacts on the commercial real estate industry.

For this year’s Fifty Under 40 series, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is seeking ambitious and talented professionals, under the age of 40, who hold solid track records of noteworthy transaction volume and significant contributions to their company’s overall success. These young professionals stand out among their counterparts and will likely serve at the helm of CRE organizations in the future.

Our 2021 Fifty Under 40 recognition will highlight the industry’s best and brightest individuals as a major component within GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum’s annual Career issue, which will be distributed October. The selected young professionals will additionally gain recognition on

The deadline for nominations is July 7. To apply, click here.

For additional information, please view the series’ FAQs page.

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