Technology is making it easier to own and trade real estate assets. The latest tool that promises to ease the transaction process: seller dashboards. A common tool on ecommerce sites, like eBay and Amazon, seller dashboards in commercial real estate are essentially a digital home base for an investment portfolio with a complete catalogue of all property information. 

We caught up with Camille Renshaw, the CEO and co-founder of B+E, at ICSC Here We Go 2021 in Las Vegas to talk about B+E’s new seller dashboard feature, and how it is streamlining the transaction process. According to Renshaw, seller dashboards provide better transparency and access to opportunities that allow owners to make strategic investment decisions about a portfolio. They also facilitate collaboration. Multiple stakeholders, from other owners—as is often the case in a family office—to lawyers and accountants can log onto a single dashboard. 

In our interview, Renshaw gives us an insider perspective on CRE technology. Press play hear more about the benefits and features of a seller dashboards, why good data is invaluable and how technology is helping owners close deals faster.