The historically male-dominated field of commercial real estate has proven to be a challenging one for women to not only infiltrate but to rise up within. Female professionals throughout commercial real estate often find themselves as the only woman in the room during essential business decisions.

Constantly facing conscious and unconscious biases, women in commercial real estate relentlessly work hard to overcome adversity and prove their worth. Striving to be treated fairly, these women persist, establish themselves as accomplished experts within their fields and continue to achieve success, while furthering female advancement.

As advocates for gender equality, such influential women not only succeed within their positions, but they are speaking out and taking action in order to make a difference and lift each other up.

In addition, more commercial real estate companies are appointing more women to leadership roles, thus experiencing the fundamental benefits that women can bring to the table. With more companies prioritizing diversity and gender equality, women in turn feel further empowered to capitalize on new opportunities.

Considering the extraordinary efforts and strides that women in commercial real estate have made, to not only prove themselves, but to advocate for and empower their peers, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is honored to once again shine a spotlight on Women of Influence within commercial real estate.

Since 1983, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum has recognized a growing number of female industry professionals for their remarkable achievements. For the 2022 Women of Influence awards, we are seeking individuals that have personally impacted the market and have significantly driven the industry to new heights via their outstanding successes.

We are currently accepting submissions across numerous nomination categories, spanning the entire commercial real estate spectrum. Candidates may be nominated within their specific commercial real estate field and/or within the various Special Recognition nomination categories.

In effort to recognize the industry professionals that strive to further gender equality, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is also accepting nominations for two Diversity Champion categories, which will honor both female and male CRE professionals and commercial real estate companies that serve as advocates for female advancement and catalysts for change and equality within the industry.

GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum plans to honor the chosen 2022 Women of Influence at the annual GlobeSt. Women of Influence awards dinner, which will be held in Park City, Utah on July 26, 2022. In addition, the Women of Influence will be profiled in GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum’s July/August issue, and will gain recognition on GlobeSt.com.

The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2022. To apply, click here.

For additional information, please view the series’ FAQs page.

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