Tenacity. Grit. Creativity. Adaptability. That’s what will be required for success in the retail landscape in 2022 and beyond, according to Cary J. Lefton, CEO at Agora Realty. Over the past three decades, Agora has owned more than 55 commercial properties encompassing 5.5 million square feet and 20 multifamily projects spanning 5,000 units. Its portfolio includes properties in California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado and Hawaii and includes shopping centers, business parks, mixed-use retail, office buildings, and multifamily.

We caught up with Lefton at this year’s ICSC convention in Las Vegas to talk about the firm’s strategies for growth this year – and delved into Agora’s investment in helping microbusinesses and first-time entrepreneurs enter the retail space, something Lefton said is “one of the most rewarding things we do” at Agora.

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