It’s a sign of the times: 60% of the respondents to a Texas Association of Realtors membership survey say they are doing business on the Information Highway, according to results released from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center in College Station.

Survey results show 2.6% of the real estate professionals glean more than 20% of their business from the Internet while 11.7% credit it with providing 6% to 10% of their business. Meanwhile, 42.3% say 1% to 5% of their business consists of Internet transactions.

E-mail and ISPs have rapidly become a B2B portal for the industry, with 25% of the respondents reporting they have personal Web sites and 25% have company sites. Forty percent report properties are being listed online, with the second-highest use being advertising. An in-depth look at the survey will be released in October via a center publication.