BELLEVUE, WA-Conversational Computing Group and Locate Networks are taking space in Bellevue Technology Tower, a 20-story, 357,797-sf office building for which excavation has just begun at 333 108th Ave. N.E. The developer is Eugene Horbach. Completion is scheduled for early 2002.

Conversational Computing Corp. is a Redmond firm that develops speech technology software that allows users to verbally interact with computer devices. It has agreed to lease 100,000 sf on four floors. The firm now has 122 employees in about 30,000 square feet of space in Redmond.

The company says it will likely grow to 250 employees by the time it moves into the Technology Tower in early 2002, and 100,000-sf will be more than enough. The company says it will sublease some of the new space until needed.

Locate Networks Inc., which changed its name from recently and is currently located in Kirkland, is reportedly taking 42,000 square feet on two of the upper floors of Tech Tower for its new headquarters. Locate Networks sells portable devices and services used to keep track of valuable objects or loved ones.