PLEASANTON, CA-The City Council is poised to decide Applied Bioscience’s application to develop a new campus in Pleasanton.Applied Bioscience, a biotech firm, has proposed a 960,000-sf office and research campus to the city. A final decision is expected to be made this week, deciding whether or not the company can begin construction of Phase 1.

The campus will be built in two phases, with five buildings totaling 638,000 square feet of floor space to be constructed now and the remaining two comprising 322,000 square feet at a later date. Also planned are a 7,552-square-foot mechanical building and a 7,316-square-foot cooling tower enclosure that would be constructed now. A four-level parking structure will be built later. Only three of the first five buildings will be utilized at startup, with the other two to be occupied as needed.

Applied Bioscience is leading company in human genome research and forensics applications, a field that has not been hit hard by the economic crash from which most technology companies are still recovering.

The biotech company plans to accommodate 2,500 employees at the campus over a 10-year period. The campus will be constructed on an 80-acre property, located at 6001 Sunol Boulevard, which was formerly owned by Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical.