DETROIT-Economic restructuring is one of the nine points that Detroit Mayor-elect Kwame Kilpatrick is handling as part of his transition team management. Co-chairs of the Economic Development Restructuring Team are Gary Torgow, president of the Sterling Group, and Sharon Madison Polk, president of M2 International.

This team will develop a plan to coordinate activities of all city agencies involved with economic development to create a one-stop process for those seeking to develop projects within the City of Detroit.

Kilpatrick has appointed transition teams to plan the implementation of initiatives ranging from reorganization of the police department to creation of city-wide, after-school programs to a city-wide cleanup.

“We said in our campaign that we would not keep doing the same thing in the same way,” he said in announcing the teams. “We are beginning that change immediately in the transition process.”

Kilpatrick says the transition phase is being divided into two separate activities – a reorganization and implementation strategy team that will focus on specific initiatives the Mayor-elect outlined during his campaign and a city department action initiative team to oversee transition activities in departments not involved in the nine specific initiatives.

Kilpatrick named nine separate reorganization and implementation strategyteams to formulate plans for nine separate initiatives.

The nine plans are a police department reorganization project, “mayor’stime” project, reorganization of fiscal structure, executive office restructure, health department restructuring, emergency management plan, area core neighborhood development plan, emergency cleanup and beautification and the economic development plan.